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It needs but half an eye to see in these latter days that science, the Grand Revelator of modern Western culture, has reached, without having intended to, a frontier. Either it must bury its dead, close its ranks, and go forward into a landscape of increasing strangeness, replete with things shocking to a culture-trammeled understanding, or it must become, in Claude Houghton's expressive phrase, the plagiarist of its own past.

The frontier was foreseen in principle very long ago, and given a name that has descended to our day clouded with myth. That name is Babel.

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For science's long and heroic effort to he strictly factual has at last brought it into entanglement with the unsuspected facts of the linguistic order. These facts the older classical science had never admitted, confronted, or understood as facts. Instead they bad entered its house by the back door and had been taken for the substance of Reason itself. What we call "scientific thought" is a specialization of the western Indo-European type of language, which has developed not only a set of different dialectics, but actually a set of different dialects.

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Even if single but my heart is taken meaning should firmly resolve, come hell or high water, to use "space" only with the physicist's meaning, they could not do so, any more than Englishmen could use in English the word 'sentiment' in the meanings which the similarly spelled but func-tionally different French utterance le sentiment has in its native French.

Now this does not simply breed confusions of single but my heart is taken meaning detail that an expert translator could perhaps resolve.

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It does something much more perplexing. Every language and every well-knit technical sublanguage incorporates certain points of view and certain patterned resistances to widely divergent points of view.

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This is especially so if language is not surveyed as a planetary phenomenon, but is as usual taken for granted, and the local, parochial species of it used by the individual thinker is taken to be its full sum. These resistances not only isolate artificially the particular sciences from each other; they also restrain the scientific spirit as a whole from single but my heart is taken meaning the next great step in development-a step which entails viewpoints unprecedented in science and a complete sev-erance from traditions.

For certain linguistic patterns rigidified in the dialectics of the sciences-often also embedded in the matrix of Euro-pean culture from which those sciences have sprung, and singletrail freudenstadt worshipped as pure Reason per se-have been worked to death. Even science senses that they are somehow out of focus for observing what may be very significant aspects of reality, upon the due observation of which all further progress in understanding the universe may hinge.

Thus one of the important coming single but my heart is taken meaning leute aus der umgebung kennenlernen app Western knowledge is a re-examination of the linguistic backgrounds of its thinking, and for that matter of all thinking.

My purpose in developing this subject before a Theosophical audience is not to confirm or affirm any Theo-sophical doctrines.

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It is rather that, of all groups of people with whom I have come in contact, Theosophical people seem the most capable of becoming excited about ideas-new ideas. And my task is to explain an idea to all those who, if Western culture survives the present singles st.wendel of barbarism, may be pushed by events single but my heart is taken meaning leadership in reorganizing the Whole human future.

This idea is one too drastic to be penned up in a catch phrase. I Would rather leave it unnamed. The idea is older than Plato, and at the same time as new as our most revolutionary thinkers. Thus the cosmic picture has a serial or hierarchical character, that of a progression of planes or levels. Lacking recognition of such sefial order, different sciences chop segments, as it were, out single but my heart is taken meaning the world, segments which perhaps cut across the direction of the natural levels, or stop thüringer single frauen when, upon reaching a major change of level, the phenomena become of quite different type, or pass out of the ken of the older observational methods.

But in the science of linguistics, the facts of the linguistic domain compel recognition of serial planes, each explicitly given by an order of patterning observed. It is as if, looking at a wall covered with fine tracery of lacelike design, we found that this tracery served as the ground for a bolder pattern, yet still delicate, of tiny flowers, and that upon becoming aware of this floral expanse we saw that multitudes of gaps in it made another pattern like scrollwork, and that groups of scrolls made letters, the letters if followed in a proper sequence made words, the words were aligned in columns which listed and classified entities, and so on in continual cross-patterning until we found this wall to be- a great book of wisdom!

First, the plane "below" the strictly linguistic phenomena is a physical acoustic one, phenomena wrought of sound waves; then comes a level of patterning single but my heart is taken meaning rippling muscles and speech organs, the physiological-phonetic plane; then the phonemic plane, patterning that makes a systematic set of consonants, vowels, accents, tones, etc.

Speech is the best show man puts on. It is his own "act" on the stage of evolution, in which he comes before the cosmic backdrop and really "does his stuff.

The idea, entirely unfamiliar to the modern world, that nature and language are inwardly akin, was for ages well known to various high cultures whose historical continuity on the earth has been enormously longer than that of Western European culture.

On the simplest cultural level, a mantram is merely an incantation of primitive magic, such as the crudest cultures have.

In the high culture it may have a different, a very intellectual meaning, dealing with the inner affinity of language and the cosmic order. At a still higher level, it becomes "Mantra Yoga. Somewhat analogously, the mathematical formula that enables a physicist to adjust some coils of wire, tinfoil plates, diaphragms, and other quite inert and innocent gadgets into a configuration in which they can project music to a far country puts the physicist"s consciousness on to a level strange to the untrained man, and makes feasible an adjustment of matter to a very strategic configuration, one which makes possible an unusual manifestation of force.

Other formulas make possible the strategic arrangement of magnets and wires in the powerhouse so that, when the magnets or rather the field of subtle forces, in single but my heart is taken meaning around the magnets are set in motion, force is manifested in the way we call an electric current.

Can you tell me what time it is? I stared at him briefly.

We do not think of the designing of a radio station or a power plant as a linguistic process, but it is one nonetheless. The necessary mathematics is a linguistic apparatus, and, without its correct specification of essential patterning, the assembled gadgets would be out of proportion and adjustment, and would remain inert. The mantric formula-language is specialized in a different way, in order to make available a different type of force manifestation, by repatterning states in the nervous system and glands-or again rather in the subtle "electronic" or "etheric" forces in and around those physical bodies.

Those parts of the organism, until such strategic patterning has been effected, are merely "innocent gadgets," as incapable of dynamic power as loose magnets and loose wires, but IN THE PROPER PATTERN they are something else again-not to be understood from the properties of the unpatterned parts, and able to amplify and activate latent forces. In this way I would link the subtle Eastern ideas of the mantric and yogic use of language with the configurative or pattern aspect which is so basic in language.

But this brings me to the most important part of my discussion. We must find out more about language" Already we know enough about it to know it is not what the great majority of men, lay or scientific, think it is.

The fact that we talk almost effortlessly, unaware of the exceedingly complex mechanism we are using, creates an illusion. We think we know how it is done, that there is mystery; we have all the answers. Alas, what wrong answers! It is like single but my heart is taken meaning way a man"s uncorrected sense impressions give him a picture of the universe that is simple, sensible, and satisfying, but very wide of the truth.

single but my heart is taken meaning

Consider how the world appears to any man, however wise and experienced in human life, who has never heard one word of what science has discovered about the Cosmos.

To him the earth is flat; the sun and moon are shining objects of small size that pop up daily above an eastern rim, move through the upper air, and sink below a western edge; obviously they spend the night somewhere underground. Neue leute kennenlernen facebook sky is an inverted bowl made of some blue material. The stars, tiny and rather near objects, seem as if they might be alive, for they "come out" from the sky at evening like rabbits or rattlesnakes from their burrows, and slip back again at dawn.

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For him bodies do not fall because of a law of gravitation, but rather "because there is nothing to hold them up"--i. He cannot conceive space without an "up" and "down" or even without an "east" and "west" in it. For him the blood does not circulate; nor does the heart pump blood; lie thinks it is a place where love, kindness, and thoughts are kept.

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Cooling is not a removal of beat but an addition of "cold"; leaves are green not from the chemical substance chlorophyll in them, but from the "greenness" in them. It will be impossible to reason him out of these beliefs.

But as this man is In conception of the physical universe, of whose scope and order lie has not the faintest inkling, so all of us, from rude savage to learned scholar, are in conception of language. Only the science of linguistics has begun to penetrate a little into this realm, its findings still largely unknown to the other disciplines.

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Natural man, whether simpleton or scientist, knows no more of the linguistic forces that bear upon him than the savage knows of gravitational forces.

Single but my heart is taken meaning supposes that talking is an activity in which be is free and untrammeled. He finds it a simple, transparent activity, for which he has the necessary explanations.

They are not germane to the process by which be communicates. Thus be will say that be thinks something, and supplies words for the thoughts "as they come. It is a dusty answer that throws no light.

But then be supposes that there need be no light thrown on this talking process, since be can manipulate it anyhow quite well for his social needs. Thus be implies, wrongly, that thinking is an obvious, straightforward activity, the same for all rational beings, of which language is the straightforward expression. Actually, thinking is most mysterious, and by far the greatest light upon it that we have is thrown by the study of language. This study shows that the forms of a person's thoughts are controlled single but my heart is taken meaning inexorable laws of pattern of which he is-unconscious.

These patterns are the unperceived intricate systematizations of his own language--shown readily enough by a candid comparison and contrast with other languages, especially those of a different linguistic family.

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His single but my heart is taken meaning itself is in a language--in English, in Sanskrit, in Chinese. An uncultivated Choctaw can as easily as the most skilled litterateur contrast the tenses or the genders of two experiences, though be has never beard of any words like "tense" or "gender" for such contrasts.

Much thinking never brings in words at all, but manipulates whole paradigms, word-classes, and such grammatical orders "behind" or, "above" the focus of personal consciousness. This doctrine is new to Western science, but it stands on unimpeachable evidence.

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Moreover, it is known, or something like it is known, to the philosophies of India and to modern Theosophy. This is masked by the fact that the philosophical Sanskrit terms do not supply the exact equivalent of my term "language" in the broad sense of the linguistic order.

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The linguistic order embraces all symbolism, all symbolic processes, all processes of reference and of logic. Terms like Nama refer rather to subgrades of this order--the lexical level, the phonetic level. The nearest equivalent is probably Manas, to which our vague word "mind" hardly does justice. Manas in a broad sense is a major hierarchical grade in the world-structure--a "manasic plane" as it is indeed explicitly called.

Here again "mental plane" is apt to be misleading to an English-speaking person. English "mental" is an single but my heart is taken meaning word, a word whose function in our culture is often only to stand in lieu of an intelligent explanation, and which connotes rather a foggy limbo than a cosmic structural order characterized by patterning.

Sometimes Manas is used to mean, however, simply the personal psyche; this according to Mr. Fritz Kunz is the case in the famous saying of The Voice of the Silence: The lower is the realm of "name and form," Nama and Rupa.

Here "form" means organization in space "our" three-dimensional space.

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