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I want the blogs back Where is the wonder, where's the awe? Where are the not single not taken quotes nights I used to live for? Years ago I followed blogs of friends and subculture "icons" they hate when I refer to them like this, but it was true that time and around most of them went silent.

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Some even used services that are dead as doornail 1 nowadays and disappeared without a trace; others though still update once in a blue moon. Until very recently I was not aware that a few restarted blogging on Tumblr a while ago, so when I found them, I started following them. It took only a few days for me to feel like this: You're all individuals!

We're all individuals!

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One of these reasons could be microblogging and the way microblog is not structured. Content is usually coming from countless followed people, in your face, in one big mass, within a short time you end up with monstrous amount of pictures, quotes, reshares, things.

Apparently there is a controversy about whether Niemöller included Catholics. In fact, some Catholic clergymen spoke against the murder of the "incurably ill. While this is a far cry from the "thousands" of persecuted Catholics some bloggers name, it is also vastly more than the handful of German Protestant clergymen most from the Confessing Church who were imprisoned for their principled stance. I have found a few sources from the late s and early s that use the quotation. There are three contemporary reviews of Mayer's book Sept.

We're loosing our uniqueness! It does not matter if you reshare tonnes of things you're interested in, it's not you, because not single not taken quotes not adding yourself to it.

Years ago we sat down and constructed our "blogs". We gave them a part of ourselves, to make it a reflection of ourselves, in our own style, our own language. It took time and it took effort.

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If I look at my wall, my timeline, or any other stream, it's a mess which I'm not proud of. It's a never-ending scroll of things, without structure, without separating the less important from the more important, without me, without focus. A picture not single not taken quotes worth a words, but it does not necessarily replaces words, not single not taken quotes if the picture was not taken by you.

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Usually there are fascinating stories behind good photographs, long anecdotes behind a piece of art and these all give an additional layer to them.

There is a book, Light on the Earth: Two Decades of Winning Images of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 3 where next to every photo there is a short story how it was made.

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It gives people and idea how not single not taken quotes or how lucky one had to be to see the even happen and take those pictures. When an biographical work is written on someone their works is surrounded with narratives, interviews, memoirs and they all add to not single not taken quotes art itself.

There was a talk about and idea, momentum.

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Are those the memories you're actually fond of? Do they represent you?

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I believe most of us would answer no. I'm not sharing my most important moments, because those are not for the general public.

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The things I share are the ones I would like others to hear about, but they do not describe me. And therefore: Eew, writing? Reading long articles?

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Ain't nobody got time for that! Tweeting time comes out of dead time, usually - time in taxis, or waiting in corridors. Blogging time usually comes out of sleeping time.

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